Mary and J. James are tying the knot.

OCTOBER 11th – 6pm Mountain Time

Join us and be a part of it from home.


Mary and J. James first crossed paths at the Starfest Comic Convention in 2017. They started making regular eye contact immediately.

James was there showcasing his art and comics and Mary was there promoting Fort Collins Comic Con. After many lingering glances, funny faces, and trips between tables a date was arranged for the evening.


A memorable first evening and date at the Federation Ball followed where they ended up as finalists together in the dance competition.

The relationship has deepened from that night. Spurred on by a mutual love and passion for art, writing, comics, books, storytelling, dancing, hiking, skiing, a list of other interests, and most of all, each other.

3 years later they are now looking forward to starting this next chapter together and can’t wait to celebrate and share their wedding day with you, their favorite (not a word they use lightly) people.

October Eleventh, 2020

6:00 pm Mountain Time


In Boulder, CO


and in your home

Join us the evening of 10/11/2020 for our wedding livestream

Choose to have the optional wedding keepsake package mailed to you as a memento (not available after 10/17/2020)

Send us your blessings and well wishes which will join us at our wedding ceremony

Participate in the remote bouquet and garter toss if you’re single

Learn more about us during our special wedding day video presentation leading up to the ceremony

laugh as we interview each other
cheer to our virtual groomsmen and bridesmaids toasts


cry to our tender statements

When is the 1-hour pre-wedding interview, ceremony and livestream reception?

October 11th, 2020 – 6pm Mountain Time

Where can I watch the livestream reception online?

The final version has been uploaded to YouTube HERE.

What will the livestream reception hour consist of?


J. James and Mary will interview each other, so you can get to know them better.
You can laugh, you may cry, perhaps even groan once or twice.


  • The live event is held during the reception at a local restaurant as our wedding party and the bride and groom are present on live chat with you.

  • We tell each other stories, and we talk about the stories which inspired us.

  • Our online wedding reception includes cheers from bridesmaids, groomsmen, and special guests.

  • Participate in an online garter throw and bouquet toss (if you’re single that is).

  • Immersive wedding experience including musical performance, presentation about the bride’s dress, the ring, cake cutting practice, giant swords.

  • Illustrations!

  • The actual ceremony on the same day of the event.

  • This is an interactive, participatory experience and you will be able to chat live with Mary and J. James while we watch our video together.

Have more involvement if you choose by ordering our Mary and J. James 2020 Keepsake Package (only available until 10/17/2020 – for those who participated live with us on our wedding day).

Submit your well-wishes and blessings for our union, which we will have present with us at our wedding ceremony

Participate in the virtual, online garter toss and bouquet throw (only if you’re single and looking, of course)

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