The “Mary and J. James 2020” Keepsake Package


q: Why are Mary and J. James making a mail-away keepsake package?

a: Two reasons! Generally when you attend a wedding, there will be some small baubles which you get to come away with as a tangible memory of the event. Because we are doing this online due to shutdowns, Mary and J. wanted to create something similar for attendees.

Additionally, making packages like this is just what Mary and James do! We love to make new booklets and products constantly and so of course we are going to do the same for our big day.


q: When will these be shipping?

a: This package has not been produced yet. It will be started to be created after the honeymoon has concluded, so expect a six to eight week delivery period.

q: What comes in the package?


  1. The M+JJ2020 Wedding and Reminiscences booklet.

  2. Paper flowers, handmade by Mary and from the ceremony itself.

  3. There will be a disc with a copy of the video presentation from the online streaming wedding event on 10/11/2020, a separate professionally created wedding video, and more.

  4. Various small art prints from the video or production.

  5. Possibility of original art (depending upon initial volume of orders).

q: What will the book contain?

a: We’re still making it, so the details may change.

James will be drawing a story of how we met, written by us both.

Mary is writing a story about us in the super far distant future which James is drawing.

There will be photos from the wedding ceremony.

There will be a map.

We will include stories from the wedding day and honeymoon.

There will be a prose short story by Mary.

q: Is this part of a donation to the bride and groom?

a: No. The cost of this package is only intended to cover the costs associated with producing and shipping it. There is no profit, it’s just fun.

If you would like to donate to the honeymoon, learn more HERE.

You can order the optional

Keepsake Package online HERE.