Honeymoon + House Fund Donations

Here you will find details on how you may support our honeymoon, send items via mail to us, or help us out with gift cards (even books).

Thank you for considering giving a gift for our wedding.

We came to realize we already have a lot of stuff! Books, art, household items. Instead we would like to begin develop a house fund, and accept donations to help us with our honeymoon costs. Will you help us with our goals?

We are going to Hollywood, Florida.

Hollywood, Florida

Every Autumn, James goes on a very long sales trip along the West Coast to promote his art services and sling some of them comics. In 2017 this trip was a total of 40 days.

For the final leg of this year’s journey he was invited to sell some books in the Hollywood, Florida area. With visits to five new retailers and an all-new market, it was going to be a lot of business.

This year, Mary came along on what would become their first trip together as a couple. They have many good memories from this trip together.


When the question came up about where they should go, the simple joy of that trip was recalled.

House Fund

We are going to start saving for our first home together. Anything left over from the honeymoon fund will be the first steps towards our future home. (Example at left!)


This home will have some form of library. We promise.

Donate to Mary and J. James’ Honeymoon + House Fund

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mail us at:

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Gift Cards on Amazon

Mary has chosen a small selection of Gift Cards which would be of use to us in the future during our next steps and the moving towards a house fund. James has selected a few books in his wish list.

You say: “I thought you said you already have books?”

Never cry over more books.